| Sexuality & LGBTQ+ 

| Eating Disorders 

| Faith & Spirituality

| Identity and Values

| Grief & Loss 

| Relationship Concerns

| Anxiety & Depression 

| Trauma

The journey of life can be a difficult one, and sometimes we need help along the way. Counseling is a time where you can be exactly who you are and honest about where you're at.  

​I know that entering therapy for the first time can be a scary and uncomfortable experience, and if you are willing to take that first step, I promise to bring warmth, understanding, and safety to our time together. I deeply want to know your story, and I hold great respect for the nuisances of each story's uniqueness. Whatever it is that brings you into my office, you will be met with unconditional acceptance, respect, and care.


It is my belief that cultivating awareness around our experiences provides us greater choice and opportunity in moving forward with the life we hope for. As we explore together the issues that may have you feeling stuck, defeated, or lost, I will help guide you in identifying your authentic values and the ways in which you may bring yourself into alignment with them. Working together, we will explore new ways of relating and being that will help you move toward deeper healing and wholeness.